The Voice Auditions in Los Angeles CA 2013

I just got home after auditioning for The Voice! It was really fun and there was some great competition. This was a hard one because everyone in my group was good. I don’t know how the judge made her decision because everyone had such great talent. So for anyone wondering what The Voice auditions are like, please keep reading! the voiceHere’s how it all went down: I got to the Los Angeles Convention Center about 11:45 am, well over 2 hrs early (my time was 2:00). I parked in the underground garage and walked right into the area where they were starting the checking. I was brisked through a line where they searched me for AK47s, Lighters, Bombs, TNT and other assorted armaments. I apparently had none since they let me in. Once I was in they led me to an area where I was to wait. I was forth in line, so let that tell you it pays to show up early to these things. We sat for 2 hrs waiting until 2:00 and chatting. Some guys brought guitars and started sing alongs. Everyone was very friendly and although I didn’t walk away with any long term friends, I definitely felt like I wasn’t in the company of strangers either. Once 2:00 came they officially registered us and led us to another room where we waiting a few more minutes. The production assistants started sing-a-longs. We weren’t allowed to sing anything but the sing along, there was no vocalizing allowed in the restrooms either. About 20 minutes later they lead my group of 10 to wait outside the audition room. We waited about 10 more minutes then went in and sat in our chairs. We each got up and said our name, city we drove in from and the song we would be singing. Once it was over she thanked everyone. She told one girl she got past the first round. She told another guy that she was on the fence and that if he didn’t hear from her by 8:00 pm he wasn’t in. On a side note, they let him audition an original although they were hesitant. I think had he done a cover song he would’ve heard a yes then. When it was over they thanked us and lead us out. Yep, I didn't get chosen. So now you might wonder, am I disappointed? Not in the least. I believe you cannot walk through 2 doors at the same time. And getting on one of these shows DOES NOT guarantee you some sort of successful and lucrative lifetime career. I feel I won because I practiced, got ready, stood up there and did the damn thing and hit every note like it was the last time I ever would get the chance to audition. I followed through and that makes me a winner. Now to get ready for the next damn thing to do…..

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