Something Dance Music & EDM Doesn’t Have

As I delve into pop and dance music  production I realize there’s one thing these genres don’t have. I don’t say it’s missing, because it doesn’t really belong there, but there is an absence of, what I would call, angry music. You know, songs that you sing when you are riled up about someone stepping on your dick nerve (girls have this hypothetical nerve as well) and you just need to chant an anthem to get the energy out and return to your normal Zen chilled out drama-free lifestyle.

Right now I’m feeling a bit chuft and so I need to listen to some music that matches my mood. So I pull up songs like these that have lyrics that reflect how I feel at the moment:


“I never played by the rules, and I never really cared! My nasty reputation takes me everywhere.” – Skid Row



“Be yourself, by yourself, stay away from me!” – Pantera



“Out there is a fortune waiting to be had. You think I’ll let it go? You’re mad! You got another thing coming!” – Judas Priest


There’s nothing like this in dance, EDM, or pop that lets you get the aggression out. I guess my point is, although I’m pink, happy, and glamorous (at least I try to be lol), I’ll always be metal at heart especially when I’m riled up.


Comment below and tell me what is your favorite song(s) to listen to when you are riled up!




Christine Rage