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I produce all of my own media, marketing, and business legal work at this time including but not limited to:

  • All Music – from singing/songwriting to instrumentation, arranging, mixing and mastering.
  • Graphic Design – I do all of my own graphic design for my social media, website, and promotional materials like business cards and flyers
  • Videos – I design the graphics and produce all my videos in Adobe After Effects and Premier
  • Business & Legal – I own my own record label outRAGEous Productions LLC and function as my own publisher and legal council at this time
  • Marketing – I do all of my own marketing and publicty, administrate multiple social media accounts daily, and I fund my paid advertising campaigns
  • Webmaster – I operate two websites daily, this one and my Session Vocalist site

As you can imagine, besides being taxing to do all of this myself, it is also expensive to fun all of these important aspects of my music business. I don’t like to ask for charity, but I have had some kind friends ask me in the past if they could help me seeing the struggle it can be financially to be a premier artist in Los Angeles.

To make things easy, I designed this page so that anyone who wants to can make a donation or buy me something from my Amazon wishlist can do so easily. If you want to donate, any amount is completely appreciated. I also love to say thank you and show off any gifts I’m given with a big shout out on my social media, so if you’d like me to let everyone know how generous you are drop me a message!

Thanks for all of your support!

Christine RageXOXO,

Christine Rage

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