Christine Rage is an electronic artist residing in Los Angeles, California since 2011.

Originally from Kansas City, Missouri, Christine got her first influence from her late father who was a jazz singer and drummer, and close friend of Charlie Parker. She studied music production at the University of Missouri in Kansas City. Christine is a guitar player who took lessons from Tom Pender of the Kansas City Chiefs band as well as Jeff Scheatz. Christine has also studied Bel Canto vocals and can boast an over 4 octave range. Starting with blues, rock and heavy metal styles, Christine Rage eventually evolved into electronic music production and has shaped her sound from influences in House Music genres including Deep House, Funky House, and that big Piano House sound that is all the rage right now.

Christine produces all of her own music using industry standard applications including Ableton, Cubase, Native Instruments, Melodyne, etc. in her studio.

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