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DJing by Christine Rage

Christine Rage has 20 years experience as a club DJ in cities including Miami, Austin TX, Kansas City, Nashville, and Los Angeles CA. She is also a Karaoke Jockey now performing in the Los Angeles metro area. Hire her today to perform at your next event!

Professional DJ & KJ

Fashion Design

Christine Rage specializes in fashion designs for musicians and music lovers. Many of her designs feature high quality leather and lots of hardware. Christine also screen prints, makes jewelery and creates many other stunning and provocative creation. Click here to see her designs!

Fashion Designer for
outRAGEous Fashions

Vocalist and Producer

Christine Rage is a vocalist and composer. She fully composes all of her own music, including writing and performing guitar, bass, drums, synths and all other instrumentation heard on her original and cover song releases.

Vocalist and Producer

Latest News

December 27, 20142 months ago

New Music Video - "Head Over Heels"

I shot a new music video of my cover song Head Over Heels, originally recorded by hit 80s artist Tears for Fears. Check it out and subscribe to my YouTube channel! Read more

Posted in: Video Releases
Tags: vlog
December 26, 20142 months ago

New Follow Me VLOG

I've started a new YouTube channel for my VLOGS! Check out my first published VLOG below Read more

Posted in: News
October 6, 20145 months ago

Halloween Swag Giveway!

Open your goodie bags, I've got free SWAG to give away! Read more

Posted in: Music Releases
September 3, 20146 months ago

New Demos Loaded

I've loaded 3 demos from my collection of songs I am producing for my upcoming EP on my music page. Listen and comment! Read more

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