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Los Angeles Based Voice Overs

Christine Rage is a Los Angeles based voice over actress. She records voice overs in her professional phone patch equipped studio. You can listen to Christine's voice over demos, read her rate card, and contact her to book a session with her today.

Voice Over Actress

Vocalist & Voice Actress

Christine Rage is a Bel Canto trained vocalist. With over 4+ octave range, Christine is a dynamic vocalist ranging from soft & sultry R&B to heavy-hitting hard raspy hard rock vocals. There is noting this skilled vocalist cannot perform!

Live & Session Vocals

Music Production

Christine produced music for clients placing music in videos, radio & TV commercials, as well as for artists seeking backing tracks.

Music Production

DJing & KJing by Christine Rage

Christine Rage has 20 years experience as a club DJ in cities including Miami, Austin TX, Kansas City, Nashville, and Los Angeles CA. She is also a Karaoke Jockey now performing in the Los Angeles metro area. Hire her today to perform at your next event!

Professional DJ & KJ

Voice & Production

Welcome to my website. My name is Christine Rage and I am an accomplished voice talent as well as producer located in Los Angeles CA. I have over 20 years experience recording and producing professional voice overs and music beds. My website is full of information about my services, rates, and contact information. Contact me today to record your DJ Drops, Radio promotional recordings, voice mail or ebook script today! Read More...

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Knowing the types of businesses that hire musicians and buy royalty free music will help the musician in developing the genres and styles they would most like to produce to sell. Here's a list of some common business types that purchase royalty free music from music libraries, directly from music producers or even in some cases hire musicians to work in house for them. Read more


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There are a lot of sites you can sell your stock music on. More than I have listed yet on this blog posting. I compiled a list of 32 sites where you can sell your music as royalty free to make extra cash or maybe make a living at selling stock music. When making this list I was mostly concerned with whether the music library has exclusive and/or non-exclusive memberships, what percentage they paid to the artist as well as if they recognized PRO (performance rights organizations). Some sites had clear easy to find information while others were baren of information and a couple appeared to be private, as in producing music internally and not taking artist submissions.
A few libraries will not accept you if you already are selling in specific sites. Rumblefish was mentioned more than once, as well was AudioJungle. From what I gather the reasoning is becasue these sites sell the tracks for much less money. Also there appears to be a problem with some sites adding your content to the YouTube Content ID program, which flags customer's uploads cuasing headaches for everyone, and hence some libraries won't work with you if you submit to libraries who practice this behavior.
The list below is sorted in alphabetical order. I will add to this list more sites as I come across them. Read more

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